Integrated Human Dynamics

Executive, Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Author

Ray has authored seven books on a range of subjects from diagnostic assessments to Management and Personal Development.


Ray Laferla is an Occupational Psychologist who has trained and counselled thousands of people over the years. Ray has pursued a distinguished career as a company director, trainer, mentor, executive coach, and counsellor. He has been retained as a consultant by global companies, facilitated seminars worldwide and is a popular keynote speaker at international conferences. He has authored seven books and written numerous papers for professional journals.

Books Ray has published are:

  • Empowered Living;
  • Enabled to Grow;
  • Raising Emotional Intelligence;
  • Discover Your Management Style;
  • Discover Your Psychological Type;
  • The Leading Edge in Management;
  • The Freedom of Forgiveness.

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EMPOWERED LIVING – Strategies for Overcoming Life’s Challenges

        This book is a practical guide for mastering the challenges that are a fundamental part of our lives. These challenges take the form of problems but they are also opportunities to enrich our experiences to find purpose and meaning.   Taking the right action to address our challenges is not innate. We are not born with an instinct to do the right thing, just as we do not come into the world being able to read and write. Instead, we are required to gather information and formulate strategies that inspire and lead us to where we want to go.     After decades of counselling and helping people to enrich their lives, Ray Laferla has identified 35 key topics that give us the tools to engage life fully and take personal responsibility. The alternative is to be a victim of circumstances.    
Here are just 10 of the 35 chapters in this book:
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Victory over Discouragement
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Keeping Hope Alive
  • Protecting Yourself from Toxic People
  • Manifesting Your Desires
  • Choosing Faith over Fear
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Experiencing Peace

Empowered Living is an indispensable guide to ordinary people as well as anybody who has the privilege of counselling, coaching, or developing others. It not only provides valuable knowledge but includes practical strategies for mastering the challenges of life.


ENABLED TO GROW – Your Life Coach in a Book




At some time or another, we are all disturbed by the demands of everyday living. Life forces us to deal with problems, issues, and challenges that we do not overcome intuitively, so we cope with our encounters as best we can.


The difficulties we face are intended to help us to grow into increasingly competent and functional human beings. However, if we don’t prevail over our issues, we either remain stuck or descend into a state of unhappiness or misery.


The way out of this dilemma is to acquire practical know-how that enables us to take charge of our lives.


This book is written to achieve that purpose, it contains 27 chapters that provide tools to help us grow and be the best that we can be.


Here are just a few of the topics covered in this book:
  • How to Stop Worrying;
  • Cultivating Resilience;
  • The Pursuit of Happiness;
  • Acquiring Charisma;
  • Achieving Financial Freedom;
  • Dealing with Difficult People;
  • Keeping Yourself Motivated; etc.


The methods in this book are easy to follow and workable. Use them and, instead of being a victim of circumstances, you will be able to take control of your life and enrich the lives of others.


Even though this book will be a great asset to individuals, it will also be invaluable to parents and anybody who teaches, counsels, coaches, or develops people.






In today’s interconnected world, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a crucial skill for personal and professional success. Whether you are engaged in self-development, leading a team, building relationships, facing challenges in your life or helping others to develop and grow, the ability to understand and manage emotions is essential.


With its evidence-based approach, practical examples, and clear, concise writing, this book is an ideal resource for individuals, coaches, counsellors, teachers and managers.


Below are just eight of the eighteen subjects addressed in the book:


  • Understanding Emotions;
  • Acquiring Self-discipline;
  • Building Resistance and Mental Toughness;
  • Forming Good Habits and Overcoming Bad Ones;
  • Applying Rational Thinking;
  • Practising Empathy;
  • Influencing and Persuading People;
  • Dealing with Difficult People, etc.




DISCOVER YOUR MANAGEMENT STYLE  (including instrument)





Discover Your Management Style is loaded with information that will encourage managers to rethink their management practices if they are keen on improving their skills and achieving sustainable results.


A useful feature of the book is the Management Style Indicator – a practical tool that identifies thinking patterns and styles that are the real cause of managerial behaviour.


Discover your Management Styles is beneficial to all levels of management in all organizations both in the private and public sectors. It is an invaluable resource for management development programmes for managers in all functional areas.


“I highly recommend Ray Laferla’s work. It’s a MUST read for middle and senior managers in public and private sector organizations. It is the kind of book that all management consultants and trainers should use in their daily work”. Prof Evans Aosa – Strategic Planning Facilitator and Lecturer, University of Nairobi.




Psychological Type is based on the work of Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung. It identifies key preferences in four major areas of your life, namely:

  • what energises, and what depletes you;
  • how you gather information to interpret the world in which you live;
  • the manner in which you make decisions; and
  • whether you are inclined towards a structured or a more flexible lifestyle.

This book will enable you to establish your Psychological Type, including your general characteristics, how you relate to others, and your counterproductive tendencies. It will help you to understand yourself, establish your natural attributes and get the most from life.


Presently being revised

Leading edge strategies for achieving sustainable results is an invaluable tool for middle, and senior managers and chief executive officers, in private and public sectors, facilitators and management consultants.


Lecturers and trainers will find it a useful tool for teaching management skills.


It is a MUST read for students of management and those aspiring to hold managerial positions.



(Available only in Paperback in South Africa)





Many people find it extremely difficult to forgive. Yet forgiveness is essential if we are to experience peace of mind and freedom of spirit.


If you have a desire to forgive and a willingness to release and be released, of wrongful acts, this book will show you how. It is a practical book, based on principles that take you to step by step through the necessary actions.


This book is not meant to be read like a novel. Rather it is written as a seminar in print. Each chapter should be regarded as a complete session; each session contains a practical assignment that leads you through a part of the forgiveness process.


By diligently working through this book, you will experience release from the chains of emotional pain and the burden of a heavy heart. You will be freed from feelings that seek vilification and revenge, and move on, leaving behind feelings of anger, bitterness, resentment, guilt, and shame.


“Ray Laferla has written a most helpful book to encourage us to choose the way of forgiveness. It is practical, down-to-earth and full of Biblical wisdom. Ray does not duck the hard questions. He knows that forgiveness is not easy. Nonetheless, aware that the alternative always brings further pain and heartache, he gently and persistently challenges us to begin walking down the road to forgiveness. I have a hunch that many people are going to be grateful to God for this little gem of a book. – Rev. Trevor Hudson.