Integrated Human Dynamics

Executive, Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Author


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In today’s interconnected world, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a crucial skill for personal and professional success. Whether you are engaged in self-development, leading a team, building relationships, facing challenges in your life, or helping others to develop and grow, the ability to understand and manage emotions is essential.

With its evidence-based approach, practical examples, and clear, concise writing, this book is an ideal resource for individuals, coaches, counsellors, teachers and managers.

Below are just 8 of the 18 subjects addressed in the book:

  • Understanding Emotions;
  • Acquiring Self-discipline;
  • Building Resistance and Mental Toughness;
  • Forming Good Habits and Overcoming Bad Ones;
  • Applying Rational Thinking;
  • Practising Empathy;
  • Influencing and Persuading People;
  • Dealing with Difficult People, etc.